Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Apache vs Nginx Webservers

Apache vs Nginx Webservers::

>> If you need a high speed webserver to host a single website, NGINX is the best choice because it can handle much higher load of concurrent connections while using less resources. And if you are looking for a shared hosting, to host multiple websites on a shared web server, Apache webserver is more flexible.

>> Nginx is event driven and Apache is process driven

>> Nginx support newer frameworks, such as Node.js, Python/Django and also support  CGI/FastCGI  and alternative such as WSGI

>> Apache is best for traditional MySQL/PHP applications, such as WordPress or Drupal and in shared hosting to host many websites with different configurations per site through  .htaccess file

>> Apache has a variety of different modules, add-ons, and components and very well documented.

 As a server admin you can google and decide which one is best  for the client requirement. At the end of the day, the choice of the web server platform is entirely dependent on what you’re doing with the server.

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