Monday, 31 July 2017

Amazon Cloud Storage Options::

AWS Storage Options::

S3 - Simple Storage Services
EBS - Elastic Block Storage
EFS - Elastic File System

EBS -  As the name suggests, it is a block storage system in which data is stored as blocks. It is suitable for OS or database. EBS works best for server disks. High performance read and write. Replicated with AZ and could be mounted to one EC2 at a time  in the same AZ

S3:- It is an object storage option which is suitable for write once read many or read once write many options.

For example:- It is suitable to store huge data such as backups, logs etc which won't be retrieved very often.  Or it can be used for hosting static websites where the contents are not altered often and read many times. It is scalable. We don't need to mention the size. Not suitable for OS or Database.

EFS:- This is best when a filesystem need to be shared among multiple resources. It is replicated across AZ in a region. Could be mounted to multiple EC2/On premise servers  at the same time via VPN. No sizing to be done.

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