Thursday, 18 August 2016

VMware 12 and Oracle VM Virtual Box

VMware 12 and Oracle VM Virtual Box Installation in Centos 7 and Windows 7

Creating virtual machines and managing them is simple via VMware Workstation Player.

Download the latest VMware Workstation player from VMware downloads ::

VMware download url::

Virtual Box download url::

You will be able to download the latest version  for Windows and Linux distributions.  Download and  just execute the file which will guide you to complete the installation.

Run yum update in linux box before executing the file.

Once the VMware /Virtual Box  is installed we can now create virtual machines.. The gui will guide you the installation if you are a system admin.

Select the iso image of the OS to be installed and also the path  where the OS that has to be installed. Select a partition or a folder for the installation and assign memory for each installations. Try installing multiple OS as virtual machines.

If you need any help in the installation process, comment below and I will be more than happy to assist..


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